A very warm welcome to Studio Spiral Universe

My journey into the creation and design of sound – recording, manipulation and synthesis. Sounds that I, LoopUdu (aka Wolfgang Steuerle) use in my music. If you’re not so interested in the »technical stuff« you can go to LoopUdu (in the menu above) where it’s all about music only.

In the »Tool Chamber« you find infos on devices I use under categories

Soundmanipulation« is about ways to edit and transform samples.

»Setup« will mainly show experimental setups and their audible results, making the device categories a kind of background info for this category.

»Soundmanipulation« and »Setup« aswell as parts of »Recording« are the technical part of this website. Compare it to a piece of literature – the categories for devices introduce the actors, while »Soundmanipulation« and »Setup« are telling the story. LoopUdu finally is the book you can read.

I‘d be more than happy if this place could serve as an encouragement to young artists who run on a low budget. Actually you don‘t need to spend much to get satisfying results and can build up gear over time. I‘ll come to that soon.

Last but not least I‘d like to introduce my freesound account  where I publish some samples from time to time.


LoopUdu aka Wolfgang