Microcontrollers, Soundchips and Logic Gates

Recently I found some SN76477 soundchips on ebay and decided to give it a try… again. I had been using one in 1979 – myself then 18 years old. Back then – without any real understanding – I was just able to follow the instructions in a magazine to build circuits for laserguns, steam engines and similar sounds. Nevertheless I remember lots of fun!

Here is some info on the chip: SN 76477 

40 years and a huge break in electronics DIY later I start to see the potential to use the logic pins on this chip via an arduino, even MIDI control is possible, capacitors can be switched via Plex/Multiplex CMOS chips (4051, 4052). Also I will do experimentations to replace resistors with digital potentiometers or vactrols.

Stay tuned – more coming soon in this cinema