Volca Frames

I love these days when things just go smoothly. Found STL files (for 3D printing) on the internet for a frame to mount the Korg Volca series of synthesizers in a eurorack case. Immediately send them to a 3D printing company in Kajang. Got a quotation in 30 mins, paid and after two days my frames are here. Mounted the Volca Bass (still a great synth imho) – only 4 screws and I‘m done.

You can use the screws that hold the Volca in the box for this btw
Old home bye bye. Battery compartment and mini speaker not required.
New home. Eurorack box from Acid Labs. Ok I need to drill a connector for powersupply in the back and also want to add a midi in connector there.

The whole mounting action took me around 10 mins.

I’m well aware this is no standard Eurorack Modular stuff. Anyway super practical for me since space on my desk is rare, but I can still rack up things verticaly

Thanks go to Dirk Grappendorf who put this (and other) STL files online for free!