Grendel Drone Commander Classic Pedal

When I discovered the Grendel Drone Commander in a Youtube Video I wanted to have one of those imediately. No MIDI, no USB, but that doesn’t do anything to it’s unique creative potential. Unluckily it wasn‘t not available anymore and I couldn‘t find one on Ebay. How much bigger the joy when the Drone Commander Classic Pedal came out. It contains the original  circuit enhanced by some CV (Control Voltage) inputs, a clock output and the ability to let other stuff run through it‘s filter via an audio input. The footswitch lets you choose between the Drone Commander and external audio running through. So is this a kind of synthesizer or an effect pedal? Its both. Anyway I decided to put it under the category Synthesizer since I will use it mostly for that purpose.

Today it finally arrived and now I‘m having loads of fun. Watch the video below to get a glimpse of what I mean.

Looking forward to connect it to other CV boxes for complex experimentational soundstuff.