Fugue machine sequencing Yamaha QY70

Still in lockdown in July 2021 I use the time to extend my mobile music making possibilities. Can‘t wait to sit in interesting and/or beautiful places again and create sequences and sounds with headphones on…

Here is the Fugue Machine, a 4 playhead sequencer on my iPad. I will use with together with the Yamaha QY70 – a device from 1997 – small, but full of great instruments, drums and fx sounds. It also has a very versatile sequencer, but as mentioned above in this configuration the Fugue Machine will take the role of the sequencer.

Big advantage for travelling. My iPad is with me anyway and the QY70 is small and easy to transport. The plan is to make sequences while travelling, bring them back home, record them into the Octatrack (MIDI live recording). And voila – my sequences are integrated into my studio system. I want to make a longer video tutorial on that process soon.