Turing Machina Patch on the Organelle plays the GR1 granular synthesizer

Definition of a Turing machine from the Oxford Dictionary: »a mathematical model of a hypothetical computing machine which can use a predefined set of rules to determine a result from a set of input variables.«

No worries – music doesn’t have to be that complicated. Turing Machina is a patch for the Organelle, that acts as a sequencer with continously changing sequences. I can assure you I don’t fully understand it, but creating slowly changing sequences is a great option in my weapon arsenal.

Definition of this patch on patchstorage: »This shift register MIDI Sequencer produces random notes. These can be completely random, or they can be locked into loops that repeat every 8 steps. It is inspired by the “Turing Machine” from Music Thing Modular which goes back to the long history of shift register circuits.

This is a shift memory sequencer, based around 8 steps. 

You cannot program this sequencer to play specific tunes. You cannot save sequences. You can never go back to a sequence that has changed. You only can “steer” it in a certain direction.«

The sample the GR1 plays is from the Drone Structures library.